Shih-Chieh Lin (CJ), MD, PhD 林士傑 教授
Professor, Institute of Neuroscience
National Yang-Ming University

#155, Sec 2, Li-Nong St, Beitou District

Library, Info & Research Bldg, Rm 5​14​

Taipei City, 112, Taiwan

Email: ;

The goal of my research is to understand how cognitive functions are mediated by interactions of cortical and subcortical circuits. The primary focus is to elucidate the roles of basal forebrain neuronal populations in top-down attention. To gain a broad perspective on this issue, I investigate how cortical activity is dynamically shaped by basal forebrain inputs, how basal forebrain neuronal activity may be controlled by cortical and other inputs, and how this interaction may serve important behavioral functions such as attention. See my research interests for details.